Personal Coaching

What is the process that you go through?

You are unhappy with your life? You are unhappy beeing single? You want to change your life but you don´t know how? 

Thats the time when i come into your life. I m here to finde your Goals. I m here to help you to figure out what is your way of living , what is making you happy and what are you willing to change to reach that Goal


 I.e. If they are interested, what should they expect from you?

First we will find out, what your Goals in life are. We Will look at your current situation in your life and see, what you need to change to reach your new goals. 

You will get some Homework to do and daily Challenges. 

We will have a Chat Group ( Telegram / WhatsApp) where you can write me about your thoughts, ideas of changing or things we need to talk about in the next session


What are your prices for this service?


1     Session    150 Euro

5     Sessions   600 Euro

10   Sessons 1100 Euro


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